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    make comment tools in Robohelp

    deto_ws Level 4

      Hi all

      is robohelp able to make comment box feature like facebook so that communication create an history , if yes please tell me how to make it


      comment box.jpg


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          RoboHelp certainly offers the ability to fashion something that would look like that, but you need to know that it's much more involved than making a comments box on the page. There will need to be some sort of database tied into the back end and such a form would then be linked to the database.


          Is your example a mock up or one you have actually seen somewhere?


          What version of RoboHelp are you using?


          Unfortunately you are asking about some pretty significant coding and involvement in creating such a feature. As such, it's unlikely you will find anyone willing to tackle walking you through all the details of how to accomplish such a thing by posting in a forum thread.


          Just generically speaking, I might think you would want to investigate the Snippets aspect of RoboHelp. Snippets allow you to put something on multiple pages easily.


          Cheers... Rick

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            deto_ws Level 4

            Hi rick

            yes thats mock up which i want to inserted,and im using robohelp office 11. so thats really complex case right?