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    Expressions for SourceText


      I'm going to do two texts in a single layer, one can change and wakes the other wakes up to automatically add


      computer Type: PC


      Exemple expression for SourceText:

      "Text placeholder 1" + "\n" + text.sourceText


      but I want to text color was different


      Text placeholder 1
      Text placeholder 2


      ie I want to use something like: fontColor, fontSize

      Exemple: "Text placeholder 1".fontColor("Blue").fontSize("18") + "\n" + text.sourceText.fontColor("Red").fontSize("36")


      how to make this expression ?

      thank you in advance.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot control text formatting in expressions and that is that. You can only manipulate the text string. Everything else will have to be done using text animators, which in your case is easy as pie when you set the animator's mode to be by line and apply animators for font size/ scale and fill color.