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    White Blank Screen after Splash Page - Phonegap Application





      I have made an application based on phonegap and it works fine on my mobiles i have tried on many like Samsung A5, Huwawii, Glaxy S4, Sony Xperia and many and it works fine, Whereas my client says it always shows a white screen he tested on glaxy S5, 6 and 7. I am not sure why it is so, he has sent me a video too here is the link  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0na03curau08629/File%202016-09-12%2C%2008%2046%2020.mov?dl=0



      Can anyone help please?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          A white screen after the splash screen nearly always indicates that a JavaScript error is occurring which is preventing your app from starting. Unfortunately, without knowing more about your app, seeing your config.xml (minus identifying/secret info), and seeing some code, it's going to be nearly impossible to help.


          If you can get log output from the client (adb logcat), that would also help, but they may not have the technical ability to do so.


          Keep in mind that unless you're using Crosswalk, the system web view that your app receives will be different on every OS version and manufacturer device. That might be part of your problem there, so I'd encourage you to try the Crosswalk plugin.


          Lastly, what version of PhoneGap are you using to build the app? What version of cordova-android is installed in your app? Are you using PhoneGap Build or the CLI?

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            When I create a release build with an android studio or debug build, it works fine. PhoneGap build will not work shows a white screen after splash screen appears.