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    Viewing photos


      I expect that I probably misunderstood what could be done with this program and am trying to do something that's not meant to happen.


      To start at the beginning. I download my wife's photos from her camera onto my PC and then when we've sorted what she wants to keep I transfer them to her laptop via a memory stick.

      When I downloaded Lightroom CC I did a catalog for her photos. Having got advice about putting the catalog on the cloud I downloaded Lightroom CC onto the Laptop

      and tried to access her catalog from the cloud but kept getting messages about not being able to synchronise some photos.


      I have ensured that my wife's photos on my PC are exactly the same as on the laptop.

      In an effort to get round the cloud problem I copied her catalog to a memory stick and from there to the laptop.

      When I open Lightroom on the laptop with her catalog I have all the thumbnails for her catlog and if I click on a thumbnail I can see the relevant keywords for that thumbnail but there are no actual pictures the thumbnails are all blank.


      The cloud seems to have a problem with synchronising photos on my PC and shows two folders it had a problem with due to server error. one is for 2009 and one for 2010. The problem is that as one appears unable to select which files are being synced I don't know whether it's my 2009 /10 or my wife's. As I have no wish to view my photos on the laptop I don't need my photos to be synced or do I.


      This may seem like gobbledgook to those who understand the workings but if anyone can explain in words of one syllable what's going wrong I would be grateful.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            dj_paige Level 10

            You can't synchronize catalogs via the cloud, in fact catalogs themselves cannot reside in the cloud, you'd have to download them to your PC or Mac to use them.


            When you used the memory stick to transfer the catalog, the thumbnails are missing because Lightroom cannot find the photos, it thinks they are in one place as determined on your PC, and they are not in that location on her PC. Please follow these instructions to point Lightroom to the proper location of the photos on the wife's PC, in particular see Figure 4. Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders


            The whole idea of synchronizing catalogs between 2 PCs can be done via putting the catalog and all photos on an external HD and then move the external HD back and forth between computers. All other solutions have serious drawbacks.

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              selondon Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Bob,


              You could try logging into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom through a web browser, create collections and upload your originals to the Cloud.


              Providing you are logged into CC on your PC and ensure you're, through the CC application (although I can't remember under what menu it appears) logged into Lightroom Mobile, then the files should sync back from the Cloud to the Lightroom/Mobile Uploads folder on the PC.


              I may not be the 'proper' way of doing things but may be an option (and probably best to make sure the photos are backed up elsewhere also).

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                bobhykeham Level 1

                Thank you I now have it working.

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                  bobhykeham Level 1

                  Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

                  I have followed all the advice given and learnt quite a bit in the process.

                  Have it working the way I wanted it to now,