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    Changing Adobe Capture Email Id to Adobe CC Account Email Id?


      Hi, complete newbie here. I have Adobe Capture App on my phone and a number of pieces of work in my libraries on that phone. The email associated with the Capture account is an old email provided by a service provider I have moved away from (so has a limited lifespan).


      I recently signed up for Adobe CC account but used a different, (non provider specific) email so I effectively have two Adobe ID's. I want to be able to sync my Capture work to my CC account . I have chatted with Adobe help, they say there's no support for Capture and to post the question here.


      Should I delete the app off my phone and start again using the same email/Adobe ID I have for my CC account or is there a way of changing email/account details in Capture? I have tried and don't see a way to do it. Is there a very obvious answer?   Thanks in advance.


      I finally updated my old Mac to new operating system, got the CC membership and now want to learn Photoshop and Illustrator and use elements from Capture too but I'm stuck! I was hoping I wouldn't lose the patterns I'd created in Capture.Adobe Capture !