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    Reduce file size - converting some text to gibberish


      Hello Everyone,


      We have a lot of PDFs that come through our office that require compression. To accomplish this, we have an Action that we run that runs the Reduce File Size tool, to make compatible from 9.0 and later, then Saves to Local Folder that uses the PDF Optimizer option to lower some of ppi for parts of the file.


      Recently we've encountered a few random files that are saved after compression and a portion of the file's text has been replaced with gibberish. If I edit the text, manually re-type it, and run the compression it works fine. If I Print To PDF and compress the result, the compression works fine. If it Save As and save a copy, it still comes out gibberish.


      The issue is repeatable on the same files, but not all forms of this type are experiencing the issue.


      I'm running DC Pro on a Windows 7 Pro VM.


      Any thoughts?