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    URGENT! Muse error opening pages


      Hi everyone, rather new here so I hope I'm not violating any rule.


      Yesterday I made a draft for a restaurant website and the only thing that I was missing was the restaurant's Menu pages that I left for today.

      But today I can't open any page from this project, it always gives me this error:

      Adobe Muse CC has encountered an error and will now exit. Please report the last few actions you took leading up to this error to the Adobe Muse CC team.


      Assertion failed in file "..\..\src\ape\MuseASError.cpp" at line 77: false

      Got a second AS exception while handling an AS exception!


      It only has an "OK" button that shuts down Muse CC.


      Since I'm new to muse this is the first and only project I have so I can't tell if it's an isolated problem or not.


      Please help me I need to complete this project in the next few days.