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    Web Galleries in Lightroom CC

    Dewcal Level 1

      For several years I have been importing images into Lightroom and exporting a Calssic Web gallery with 24 thumbnails "per page".  This layout has worked well for me but now people are saying that they are used to just swiping to move to the next image on their phones / tablets or pressing an arrow or pg up / pg dn to navigate.


      I know that LR Grid and Square gallery give this function but these layouts do not appear to allow me to include my identity plate nor contact details as the classic gallery does - have I missed something here?


      Most of my galleries are less than 500 images but a couple are getting close to 2,000 images.  While I realise I could split these, I would prefer not to do so to avoid potential client confusion!.


      Can anyone suggest a gallery plug in that will allow the on line gallery to be "swiped" or navigated via keys which I can automatically populate via LR?  I do not want to use Flicker or other photo hosting sites as as I already have my own web space etc.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.