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    Saving Open/Import/Save dialog window positions


      Like many AE users, I work on a large monitor.  I find it helpful to make my Open/Import/Save dialog windows larger than the default size, to get a better view of the directory tree, with less scrolling.


      Once upon a time (a few OS X versions ago), these window sizes were automatically saved in each Adobe app.  But now the dialog windows revert to the default (smal) size every time.  It's not a lot of work to size up the window -- but after several dozen times each day, it adds up to a lot of wasted time.


      Is there a way to save the Open/Import/Save dialog window settings?  Like how you can save a custom application workspace?  Maybe a command-line sort of thing?  Please advise.  I'm running Creative Cloud on a Mac Pro, OS X El Capitan.  Thanks a lot.