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    InDesign links break immediately after saving doc on server

    Tiki-Monger Level 1

      We are working on InDesign CC 2015.2 docs on a windows server. Users are connecting to server via afp. The InDesign doc and the images are on the same server, but not the same share.

      The problem started happening in the last few months for multiple users, but not immediately after upgrading to Creative Cloud. User opens an InDesign doc, links their images, saves the file, then closes. When they open the file again, even if just a minute later, the links are ALL broken! I've never seen anything like this before in 19 years! This is happening in more than one office location, and on different servers. It makes me think it's a CC issue, but I don't know. No one is renaming the files, or anything in the path, but the links are breaking. We have brand libraries for each client, so the images are in various folders for high-res, logos, charts, etc, so relinking is very time consuming. Some files have 100 links or more, which can be in 20 or more folders on the server. Has anyone else encountered this?


      We can't  duplicate the images. They are on a read only share so users can't modify them. This way we have a single version of each image or logo, and know that no one can modify them unless they have special access. If a logo or image needs to be changed by someone with access, then everyone will get the update, and we don't have different users with different versions. Sorry, I just know a lot of workflows involve duping the images into a single links folder, and that would not work for us as a solution to make it easier to relink.


      I have had the users check their InDesign File Handling prefs and they have "Check Links Before Opening Document" and "Find Misisng Links Before Opening Document" both checked. I don't know what else could cause this. IT folks don't have any ideas either. Any suggestions, even if a wild guess, would be helpful. Thanx!