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    Keeps crashing when trying to delete corrupt object or entire page


      Hi, I'm trying to delete what's obviously a corrupt page from a large InDesign file.

      Attempting to ungroup or move objects on this page causes the application to immediately crash. I've tried the Layers, unchecked all the possible, etc.

      I've tried to delete from the Pages panel and via Layout > Pages, entering the page number etc. I get as far as "Are you sure you want to delete when there are objects on this page" warning box and as soon as I click OK, bang, it crashes again.

      I must have tried this 100 times and no solution in sight.

      Can anyone suggest a fix without having to go down the whole deleting my InDesign preferences route?

      I think it might be a wrapping issue but I've tried everything up to the point of where it crashes... again!!

      Any help would be much appreciated.