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    external text formatting hell!

    raverdx Level 1
      I have text loading from an external UTF-8(also tried saving as UNICODE and ANSI) text file into a dynamic flash text field. the text loads fine, but the formatting of the text file doesnt match what shows up in flash. Whenever i edit and hit ENTER in the text file flash displays it as double spaced instead of single lined. so i cant get line breaks directly under previous lines. heres the code im using

      readText.onLoad = function () {
      myText_txt.htmlText = this.myText;
      readText.load ("www.randomsite.com/copy.txt");

      is there also a way to set up the text file to have bold characters as well as larger type in some places? the flash help file as well as other posts are very vague and general when it comes to working with HTML type and tags and stuff and how exactly text files that have these tags should be saved.

      using flash pro 8