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    I've been charged twice per month since the start of my subscription, please help.




      I'm very upset and angry that no one at Adobe can help with this simple issue. My issue is this:


      1. Very month since I have had my account Creative Cloud, Adobe had been double billing me.
      2. Each month I have two charges, one at the start of the month and another at the end.
      3. I have called 10 different times to get this results and no one in your India customer service department can help or transfer me to someone in the United States. All they tell me is they don't see the problem and refuse to help or even try to figure it out.


      What I need done is to actually speak to someone that can fix this, I do not want to be charged TWICE a month for my account. I do NOT understand why no one at Adobe can help with this issue.


      Please someone help me get this fixed.


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