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    Pixelated/blurry video playback - HELP!


      Hi, I installed the latest Premiere Elements about four month ago on my 64 bit PC - Windows 10. I have edited many videos without any problem, until now when I have decided to edit a wedding video I did for a friend. When I pause the video, the picture is clear, but when playing it is pixelated and blurry. Help me!


      These files are .MOV files I shot from my Canon Mark II. I usually shoot at 24 fps but I used another camera and forgot to change the settings, so these videos are at 30 fps, but I don't understand how that makes the video blurry. I also exported one of these videos and it was clear upon export, but it is hard to edit the video while it's super boxy pixelated.  The render button won't work, and the usually orange/green render bar is now gray or nonexistent. I tried changing the files to 24 fps but it just made them slower and didn't help the picture quality during edit. Please help, I can't find any forum on this subject.