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    How to make smooth zoomout transition between 2 different scene (flat motion)

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      dont know why the video didnt show up after i put the link on this post
      or maybe you can check this video : Motion Graphic Video of Wonderful Indonesia - YouTube


      it was 00:11-14
      there was a zoomin from outer plane> to inside, with scene ppl inside plane
      and i think it was very smooth


      i try makin same scene technique from outer house > zoomin to inside house
      but i dont know how to makin so it ll be smooth like that,

      i make it in 2 different composition outer house comp1, and inside house comp2
      try to zoomin into house door, and here the problem start, since i dontknow how to do that smooth transition when go inside house


      any hint or maybe tutorial link, how to make something like that?


      thank you guys!:D


      edit :
      here the practice video i makin

      well the transition was sucks, since i dont have idea/hint how to make it hahaha

      only using scale and opacity and i know its a wrong way