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    Interactive Tutorial

    Designs By Sacha

      I work for the biology department at a university, and I've been trying to put together an interactive tutorial for students which will be delivered over the Internet. I am new at scripting, and I've searched the forums and researched all the documentation for Director I can find, but I've had no luck finding much pertinent information. The tutorials I've done haven't really prepared me for what I'm trying to do either.

      The activity I'm working on covers "plate streaking," or using a loop to inoculate a petri dish to grow cultures. I created the first part of the tutorial which is an animation to illustrate how the process is done. I saved this as a Flash (8) Video file.

      For the second part, I need to create a "hands-on" activity for students to practice streaking plates. I thought they could use their mouse to click on and drag the image of the loop over the petri dish to streak it. Students will also need to rotate the plate 90 degrees, and pass the loop over a flame (animated gif) to signify cleaning the loop to continue with the next streak.

      I started to design this tutorial in Director MX 2004 with a start page that includes navigation buttons to go between the animation, hands-on activity, and back to the start page. I tried to use the loop and petri dish with the paintbrush and canvas behaviors (respectively), but couldn't get it to work. How do I get the loop to draw black lines on the petri dish, and keep the lines limited to the dish? How can students clear the petri dish and try again, or just erase sections of the streaks? How would I get the petri dish and loop to remain constant without actually looping the frames? Or can I loop the frames, even though students will be "drawing" on them? I thought I was headed in the right direction, but now I am at a complete stand-still, and have so many questions that I don't know where to turn.

      I would just appreciate any input anyone can offer. Did I miss a tutorial, or some documentation or a thread in the forum that would help? Is there a book I need to order?

      I'm extremely grateful for any help. Thank you in advance.
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          That's a rather specialized application that may not havce 'off the
          shelf' solutions.

          The simplest but limited scheme would be to use trails ink on a moveable
          sprite, you could test for intersection with the dish sprite (or an
          invidible bounds sprite)

          here's a psuedo code example (I didn't lookup the trails property or
          intersect test syntax)

          on mousedown me
          repeat while stillDown()
          if sprite me.spriteNum intersects 5 then -- 5 is the dish
          sprite(me.spriteNum).trails = true
          sprite(me.spriteNum).trails = false
          end if
          sprite(me.spriteNum).loc = the mouseLoc
          end repeat

          More sophisticated control would involve imaging lingo writing to a
          'canvas' member, this is a more abstract approach with some new lingo
          learning involved. The mask option might provide the needed control.
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            Designs By Sacha Level 1
            Thanks so much for your quick response. I will give that a try. I know as a beginner I should keep things simple, but I'm afraid my boss thinks I can do anything and everything.
            Thanks again