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    sub meny direction




      I have some problems changing the sub-menu from right to left side.

      (The menu is inside an accordion.)

      I can move the sub menu with x-w values but everything acts up,

      menu`s suddenly move from the place they were put and back to the original place.


      The sub menu somehow change place and the main menu "jumps" to the side when I`m preview the site

      Tried to make more, and less space between the main menu and the sub menu,but without any luck.

      I followed the steps from the answer below,but it does not work (even if it was good information and helped me understand how to move the su menu around in the first place).



      ¤¤¤¤¤ To acheive this you may select the submenu group and define its value on X-axis , as a demo you may find this short video helpful : https://screeshot4u.worldsecuresystems.com/anshul/placesubmenusinleft.swf .¤¤¤¤¤


      Hope some of you wizards in here can help me out.





      In this picture the scroller on the right side suddenly appeared when hovering over the main menu.




      Here the scroller on the right side disappeared again when hovering over the sub menu.


      Thank you for the time.