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    Merged text


      I am trying to use Data Merge in a document, but I am having some problems.


      I am creating a Manual for a system to a factory and my setup is a book with several documents. The first one is the Table of Content and the rest is small data sheets for different modules in the system.

      • The ToC holds the header for the book (on Master) and is rolled out using the Syncronise option. Some of the data in the header changes for each project, so I use Data Merge to link the changes in the header. The data changes from manual to manual and it is stored in a file called "meta"
      • The Meta file also contains information for the modules. Each of the moduls changes position for project to project, and this information is also merged from the meta file.

      When I did the files for each of the documents (ToC and moduls) the linked worked, but when I print the book the information is either static and dont change for the "new" project or I just see the code for the link e.i. <<link>>. This problem occur in all the files - also before I use the syncronise option.


      The only work around I have found is opening alle the documents and update the links/merged data, but this isn't a good solution for me since I need to open 40-60 documents for each manual. Is there anything I missed in the setup?