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    Video across two screens


      Hi guys, apologies if this has been asked before and I am new to the forum but 20 year user of Adobe.

      I am trying to run motion graphics across 2 display monitors in a store. They want me to provide the final video as a 'squashed' mp4.

      I have created a 3840x1080 composition and done all the work but when I render it out to 1920x1080 it's blurred. And when it shows across the 2 monitors it is blurred and small text is unreadable. I realise I'm squeezing the pixels and have tried numerous setting combinations, but is there a setting in After Effects or Media Encoder I have missed that will minimise the blur? Thanks in advance.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Their playback idea is flawed. The human eye looks for horizontal detail first and you're loosing half of that detail. If you have thin text or lines that do not precisely line up on the pixel grid they will go extra soft.


          The best you can hope for with this technique is to render a lossless master and check that. If the lossless master is not sharp enough to read then you have no choice but to make the type bigger and the lines thicker. If your lossless DI is ok then jack up the data rate in the AME and try another render. If you are using saturated backgrounds or white backgrounds and thin lines or small type MPEG compression is going to have a problem and soften things up. Adjusting the color levels or adding some noise to the solid colors will help.

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            petermuzza Level 1

            Thanks Rick.

            The solution was rendering to lossless as you suggested.

            Rendered the 3840x1080 to lossless (1.6GB) - re-imported to Ae, re-sized to 1920x1080, output to medium bitrate (8MB) - much, much better - job done.

            Cheers. Pete.