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    Problem configurating message destinations

      hi folks,

      i just started playing around with the flex data services a little and tried out the sample chat application that aou can find on the labs site - it is called 'Simple Chat Application'. However, I quickly ran into a problem regading the configuration of dewstinations and channels in the xx-services.xml file. It just didn't seem to work, the runtime compiler always tole ma, that the destination does not exist, in fact it did and yes, it was the right configuration file....

      So, alone with my pain, I decided to work it all over again, deinstalled all the stuff and started again from scratch. This time I choose to install the FDS as a JRun server instance, since I'm running a coldfusion j2ee-instance on the same machine. Now I don't get the compile error anymore, and the application shows me, how the message format ist, it is about to send. However, the message doesn't arrive on a second instance of the same application.

      One more disturbing thing... what do I need the flex-admin package for? It doesn't seem to be able to configure anything, does it? Is it for monitoring only? Couldn't find any documentation on that, unfortunately. However, since the ladder installation, the flash-UI of flex-admin doesn't show any data. in the installation before, it did at least...

      Help, anyone?