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    I cant't use your "publish online" service. Indesign does the text as pixel. Why?

    haneadino Level 1

      I have tried InDesign's "publish online".  But when this publication comes on the internet, and people need to read i,  then all the text are pixelated? Why?

      So if you have to zoom in the text it is difficult to read because now the text is as pixel.

      And if you look through an Iphone you must zoom in to read the text, - but now it is in big pixel.

      I don't understand why InDesign do this. For if I make it to the ordinary PDF, then the text is not pixelated.
      So I cant't use your "publish online" service as it is now.  - Or can somebody help, so my text is not pixelated when I use the "publish online" button?