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    Pen Tool/Import from Illustrator Draw as a stroke.


      Is there a way to draw things in the Illustrator Draw app and then import it to illustrator CC as a pencil/pen tool, with a single line of anchor points (like a stroke) rather than a vector object with anchor points on both sides of the line with a solid fill interior.


      Or is there a way in illustrator CC to convert the filled line back to single anchor points.


      I hope that makes sense!



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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Lisa,


          The brush strokes in Draw are like an Illustrator blob brush and it's currently not possible to get a simple/single path down the middle of the stroke... and I just don't know whether changing that drawing algorithm is even being considered at this point.


          I know that redrawing the strokes in Illustrator CC, is an excruciatingly time-consuming process and I will pass your feedback along to the product team.


          But the feature might be possible in Adobe Illustrator CC and it would be worth asking the same in Illustrator community.