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    Day 13! Still no closer to getting my subscription validated - A Desperate Would be Adobe User

    A. M. Engl


      So here I am, 13 days after deciding to take out a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and getting nowhere. Not for want of trying I might add. I think this is attempt number 35. I have had 3 chats with Adobe and one ticket, which is still being investigated. I also contacted PayPal, as suggested by Adobe, to ascertain whether the transaction issue is with that company. No the issue, I been informed is with Adobe.


      Meanwhile, my frustration levels are growing. If as I suspect, I could have used my AMEX card to subscribe, the transaction would have been done and over with first try. I am unfortunately, not afforded the ease of using my card on the website I am subscribing from, which covers Europe. Twiddling my fingers, waiting for resolution is sending me slowly up the wall. I am to quote, the often misquote attributed to the late Queen Victoria "not amused". While writing this I am still sitting here, watching that cloud go round and round and round and rou..., without the satisfaction of a Mulberry Bush with a decent feed of berries on it to at least satisfy my need for food. At least I don't need Adobe to solve that issue.


      If anyone in the Forum, should have any ideas, on how I could escalate a resolution, I would be thrilled to bits, as I have started to wonder if Adobe are interested in receiving my EURO 59.99 per month, or whether this is worth me persevering trying to subscribe. I am starting to feel thoroughly disappointed with my the whole experience of Adobe, after the enchantment I felt during my use of the trial software which I intended to use once I had a subscription.