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    Publish Module Bugs


      I'm using LR cc 2015.6.1 on an iMac OS 10.11.6.  I'm having multiple problems with the publish module.


      1.  I'll go to a publish collection and while I'm looking at the published photos, they will suddenly appear as Modified Photos to Republish without any input from me.  This can happen one at a time or all at once.  I can mark them as Up to Date and clear them from republish status and then more will appear as Modified Photos to Republish!


      2. I'll be working with Flickr and the go FB (as examples) and the previous group does not become unselected.  After a while multiple publish collections  become selected.  This doesn't seem to effect the one I want to update but gets a little confusing.


      3. I'll have a publish collection set as a target and be adding photos from my catalog or a regular collection.  When I go to the targeted publish collection, everything shows as one big group with nothing marked as Published or Unpublished or Modified.


      Is there a fix for this?