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    Lightroom "No photos found." error while connecting my camera


      Lightroom 6.6.1

      Camera Raw 9.6

      Windows 10

      Camera Canon 6D


      Everything was working fine today. I've done two photoshoots (all RAW) on two different SD cards and imported one of them fine, then inserted another the second one in my camera and Lightroom hang while importing. I tried different USB ports and cables, I can see my camera in Windows Explorer and all photos are there, I can import them on my Mac, but lightroom just refuses. Not only that, it was hanging when I tried the card I've imported already.


      I went ahead and updated my lightroom from 6.0.1 to 6.6.1 and now the issue with hanging is gone, but I get the "no photos found" problem. I've formatted the card inside my camera and took 3 raw shots and 1 jpeg. I've used new catalog. I've deleted preference files. I've made sure I have folders selected on the right. I've recently started using another folder for my imports on different drive and I think that was my second import on that drive if that's relevant. I've pushed ctrl+L with all my photos selected. At this point I am out of ideas. Do you have any? Other than using card reader or just copying files on the drive and then importing from there. Thanks