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    Fixing image orientation


      Is there a way to fix image orientation according to the exif field so that the image can be read with the correct orientation by other applications.  Currently, the image is read by Lightroom correctly because LR can read the exif field, but when I use other programs, they can't.  I was wondering if there was a setting in LR to permanently switch the orientation to what it should be rather than keeping the change as metadata.

      Thank you

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom does not modify the original image, so using Lightroom will not affect this. The problem is the other programs you are using.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That "auto rotate" or whatever it's called is an option that is set in the camera. About the only thing you could do is export copies to be used in those other programs.

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              Abambo Adobe Community Professional

              Ask the other program to read the orientation data stored in the files metadata. That's all.

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                To elaborate on the other replies: The EXIF metadata industry standard specifies that the Orientation field stores the current rotation of the photo, and LR obeys that standard. When it imports a photo, it reads that field. If you do Metadata > Save Metadata To File, the current value of that field stored in the catalog will get written back to the photo file.


                If another program is not showing the orientation you see in LR, there are two possibilities:


                - You haven't done Metadata > Save Metadata To File (or selected the option Catalog Settings > Metadata > Automatically Write Changes Into XMP).


                - The other program doesn't obey the standard with respect to Orientation.


                Note that when you export a photo from LR, the exported photo will have Orientation = Horizontal, and the actual image (the array of pixels) will have been rotated as specified in the LR catalog.

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                  Mark_A Level 1

                  Thank you all.  I'm actually reading the files into a browser without exporting them and browsers don't yet read the orientation exif.  I was hoping there might be a setting or plugin that could hardwire the orientation and reset the exif.

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                    PAWU Level 1

                    If they are JPEG images, there are tools doing that, without loss of quality. Any other format can be rewritten on the fly.

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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      What exact type of file is it, RAW or JPG. If a JPG you can open it with the image viewer supplied with your OS and change the orientation. Then LR will pick up on it and still display the image correctly and all other apps will also, including a browser.

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                        johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
                        I'm actually reading the files into a browser without exporting them and browsers don't yet read the orientation exif.

                        I think most file browsers do read the orientation field, e.g. Bridge, Mac Finder, Windows File Explorer, Faststone, Irfanview, and they will update in real time after LR changes the orientation of a photo.


                        Though JPEGs work fine, a problem arises with raw files. Many file browsers don't recognize the .xmp sidecars written by LR and will only read the orientation field directly from the raw file; but LR only writes the sidecars, never the raw file.