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    Convert strokes to outlines without flattening PDF


      Is there a way to convert all strokes to outlines without flattening the full PDF? Either in InDesign or Acrobat.


      In case you care why:

      We use many dotted lines in documentation as a corporate identity element. I noticed on some computers these dotted lines disappear when printed (except for the beginning and ending dot). I'm not sure what is causing this: the printer driver, PDF viewer, print settings… The documents are publicly available so fixing this bug is not possible.



      As a workaround for this bug I tried using a PDF 1.4 with transparency flattener set to "Convert all strokes to outlines". It solves the problem, but I don't like to flatten everything because flattened images get tiled in many pieces, which on some viewers (like osx quick view) show irritating lines between these tiles. Also, it requires adding a transparent object to every page to trigger the flattener.


      Thanks in advance!