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    Manually adding markers while audio is playing in Premiere Elements 14 on mac


      I want to set beat markers manually because I have been disappointed with the beat detect feature; it doesn't put markers exactly where I want them.  It looks to me the best way to do this is to create unnumbered markers while the track is playing and then match my clips to them.  The problem is I cannot seem to get that to work.  I have tried multiple keystrokes: "8", "shft-8", "m", "M", space bar, and several other random ones to set unnumbered markers while playing but nothing seems to work.  I think precisely and manually setting markers for clip changes is pretty essential to amateur creativity but find myself stopped before really even starting with PE14.  Any suggestions?


      I have just downloaded Premiere Elements 14 and am working on a mac with no individual * key (it is shared with 8 key).