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    Flash in Vista Sidebar Gadgets

      I already tried looking EVERYWHERE..in a nutshell, I'm in charge of working with Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Development for the forthcoming release (next year). I have the basic gadget "down'; it works as long as you do NOTHING even remotely "uncool" in your HTML -> http://microsoftgadgets.com/Sidebar/DevelopmentOverview.aspx

      The next step was to try getting FLASH in there (afterall, I am a devoted Flash Developer). Unfortunately, the inclusion of the object / param tags was enough to kill a gadget and make FAIL in the current Vista Sidebar. Perhaps I'm just doing something wrong...is anyone out there working on this? Maybe I'll get really lucky; does anyone have an example of a Flash Gadget?

      Thanks in advance,

      Matt Pedersen
      Sr. Interactive Developer