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    Catalog missing from LR 5.7.1 after installing new hard drive


      A few days ago, I was forced to install a new hard drive on my computer due to problems. I re-downloaded all my programs which included Lightroom. I had a disc for Lightroom 3 and then had updated online to LR 5.7.1. I used a link from Adobe to re-download 5.7.1.  I have an Acer running Windows 7 Premium 64 bit.

      Now I have 2 major problems.  There are  a total of 139 images in my catalog which I am guessing are from LR3 catalog. They appear when I click on the grid icon. I had approx. 4000 images processed so why don't the rest appear under all photographs?

      The way I work is to download the images from my camera into folders on my hard drive which is now renamed Drive F.  Then I bring the ones I wish to process into Lightroom. Which probably causes my second problem. When I click on Develop for any one of those 139 images, the folder cannot be found.

      How do I regain the catalog for the rest of the 4000 images and how do I "find" the first 139 images?

      Thank you.