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    What complementary technologies should I learn to be a better AEM developer/consultant?


      Hello guys,


         I've been working with Adobe AEM for some years now, since CQ5.4. I've always did the architecture and business planning along some small developments, deploys or customizations. However, my goal now is to be a better developer on AEM.


         To achieve this goal, I realize that I should learn some complementary technologies that are all around AEM source and structure and are needed to develop components, templates, bundles and services inside AEM. So, my question for the AEM community is: what should I learn to be a better AEM developer? The one that can build a huge list of solutions inside AEM, interacting with the CRX and the Sling Framework, creating components and services that achieve transactional goals and creating complex objects using the best practices from Adobe?


          Here are some programing languages / web development/ design languages that I do know a bit but I think are among those needed to achieve this goal, can you tell me if I'm wrong with this list and what important ones I didn't typed here?


           - Java in general (including JSP);

           - JavaScript;

           - HTML/CSS;


      Thank you all.