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    Javascript select all text in field upon clicking

    smizy Level 1

      Hello all,


      Im using Adobe Acrobat Standard DC


      I have been trying to figure this out all day and have a deadline approaching.


      I have very little knowledge in writing javascript so I am rather clueless.


      I am trying to figure out a script to run that allows my form boxes to highlight all the text in it upon clicking the box. Currectly where ever I click it drops my cursor, usually in the middle of a text string.


      I also need this to happen for all my text fields so I'm looking for something that I do not have to input the name of the field for every single box.


      After digging online I found this, but im not sure it will work for me.

      <script type="text/javascript"> function SelectAll(id)


      document.getElementById(id).focus(); document.getElementById(id).select();




      Any help would be very much appreciated.