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    Sync issues Lr Mobile



      I have an iPhone SE and i'm using the new feature on Lr M 2.5, I take pictures in DNG format with the iPhone, the issue is that Lr M doesn't sync the pictures with Lr on desktop, the files are perpetually pending, also in JPEG format. The opposite sync, from Lr desktop to Lr M, works well.

      What can I do?

      It is possible to download directly the DNG files in Lr M connecting the iPhone to the computer?

      Thank you!


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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi dorian,


          You can Sign-out from the Lightroom Mobile app and Sign-in again check if that helps.


          You can save the images to camera roll on your iPhone to Lightroom Mobile and copy to the Desktop.




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            dorian73 Level 1

            Hi Mohit Goyal,

            thank you for your reply but my problem still persists.

            I've signed out from the Lr Mobile and again signed in but nothing is changed.

            Yes I can save the pictures on the roll on my iPhone but they are converted in JPEG format, I would maintain the DNG format.

            The files are in a download state infinitely, as you can see in the following screen shot… I'm disoriented!




            Schermata 2016-09-16 alle 21.08.20.png

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              I'm having the same problem.  When it syncs, it is VERY slow -- many hours to sync just a few photos taken with the LR camera in RAW on the iPhone.  Today it isn't syncing at all.  When I touch the cloud icon it's saying 'all up to date' though the photos are not showing up in LR on my iMac.  I have even connected the phone via USB cable and turned off auto-lock so the phone won't sleep.  Have also closed LR on the iMac and the iPhone and re-opened.  Any help would be SO appreciated!  Thanks.

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                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                How good is your internet connection on your desktop? I was having similar issues and it turned out my laptop was connecting to my neighbor's network (who uses a Comcast router which has the access point open to all Comcast costumers) which is quite flaky and just connecting to my own much more robust (definitely not a comcast supplied) router's wifi completely resolved it.

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                  dorian73 Level 1

                  I have a good internet connection, I don't think that in my case the problem is in the connection.