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    Resize internal PDF

      I have embedded a PDF into a project with INMs PDF xtra thingy. But I'd like it to resize along with the window. I've looked into MIAWs but I'm not sure what I'm doing with them. I wish I could just enter a percentage width/length but I guess that would be asking to much.

      So, is there an easy way to make this thing resize with the window?
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          One can scale the content of a MIAW with a combination of rect and
          drawrect settings, but it might just give a distorted bitmap snapshot of
          the pdf (I'm not sure)
          You might jusat have to use the on resizewindow, zoomwindow handlers
          top trigger code that updates the pdf sprite rect to match the new
          window dimensions, at best there's probably going to be a look of of
          delayed catchup activity.