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    AE CS6 Question - Render Queue Compositions "sharing" settings


      Hi there,


      This seems like an odd one.

      I'm currently working with After Effects CS6

      As part of our workflow we regularly render .FLVs from our AE projects to bring into a Flash structure. However we have ONE co-worker who's Render Queue setups are regularly (but not always) "linking" his settings from one composition to others in the queue.


      Example: if there is a Queue with 3 separate compositions set up - and I enter one of their Output Module settings, and reduce the Bitrate say from 800 to 600. After entering those changes, if I check on the other two comps, they will have received the same change.


      Interestingly enough, that functionality could be a useful tool to us, but we have NO IDEA what is causing that "link" or how to get rid of it when we dont want it. Again this only occurs on one of our artist's files, and his files did not used to produce this. We've been investigating what he may have changed but are a bit stumped.


      Here is an instance of two such compositions, which seem to have "linked" settings. But we cant find any indication of such.