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    Import Sony Movie Problem Lightroom CC

    Jim Kelowna

      I am an experienced Lightroom CC user on MacBook Pro running OS X El Capitan. I have no problems importing from my Canon DSLR's and various G models including G16.


      But I am having problems with imports from my new Sony RX10 III. The LR advanced import dialog finds and imports all of the still pictures on the SDXC card. But it does not find or show any of the movies.


      As a workaround, I can import from Files, and search the directories on the card. I found the movies under "Private", along with related JPG previews and still shots. But I lost the movies from my first few days of shooting (I reformat the card in the camera after successful import and backup.)


      Is there any way to tell LR to look in all of the card's directories when importing?




      Lightroom CC 2015.6.1

      Camera Raw 9.6

      Sony RX10 III

      - Import directly from card into LR, no other software or cables


      Apple Macbook Pro

      OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi JimKelowna,


          Please refer the below screenshot and check the option called "Include Subfolders" , then Lightroom will include all the files located under the sub-folders.

          Include Subfolders Lr.png




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            simonsaith Adobe Employee

            Yes. Try Mohit's tip.


            I only have access to a Sony RX10 II camera and tried it on two macs (MBP and the Mac Pro "Trashcan",  macOS Sierra and 10.11.6), I can not reproduce the issue. I attempted to import directly from the camera and a card reader. Lr 4/Lr 5/Lr 6 can successfully detect and import the videos from Sony Rx10 II. Apple’s Photos app show the videos as well.


            Unless there is something special about the video capture for Sony RX10 III, so far I haven’t being able to reproduce the issue in Lr. Sony RX10 II indeed shoots AVCHD video. Does the video show up in Apple’s Photos app?

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              simonsaith Adobe Employee

              If you import directly from the camera by connecting it via a USB cable, rather than a card reader, you select the camera from the "Devices" section.

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                Jim Kelowna Level 1

                So thank you and Simon for your suggestions, alas they don't quite solve the issue ...


                Attached is my screen shot, which was taken with the SD card (which Sony formats with the name "Untitled") inserted into the slot in the Macbook Pro. When I select the card, I see all of the images (jpg, raw) on the card (or new only if selected). But I do NOT see any of the movie clips.


                If I select the volume "Untitled" in the Files area, then I have the option of selecting the DCIM folder, which is the usual place to store images. Then I see all of the images in all of the subfolders - but no clips. Sony apparently stores the clips in the folder: /VOLUMES/Untitled/Private/M4ROOT/CLIP. If I select that folder (or Private with Subfolders checked), then I see and can copy all of the images.


                But there is no way of getting the clips when you select Devices "Untitled". I am so used to working this way with my other cameras, and I fear that I may again forget that I have taken some clips, and fail to transfer them because I didn't notice that they were not transferred along with hundreds of stills.



                Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 4.21.58 PM.png

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                  Jim Kelowna Level 1


                  I have also inserted the card and run Apple's Photos app. The video clips do NOT show up in the list of files to be imported.



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                    simonsaith Adobe Employee

                    Thanks Jim for the confirmation.


                    I did some further investigation and can confirm the issue on my end. To reproduce the bug, I have to set the Sony RX10 III video format to shoot "XAVC S" video. Under this mode, the Sony camera will put the MP4 into the /Private/M4ROOT/CLIP. Unfortunately, neither Apple's Photos app nor Lightroom knows where to look for the XAVC S videos (under the "Devices" mode).


                    The issue will be fixed in a future Lightroom update. Thanks for your report.

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                      Jim Kelowna Level 1


                      Thank you for reproducing the problem, and putting it on the to do list for a future LR update.


                      I  also summarize my interaction with Sony concerning this problem:


                      1) Use iMovie. (I have confirmed that iMovie does see these videos. But I want Lightroom to manage my mostly still image catalog.)

                      2) Copy manually. After connecting the camera via USB, find the directory and copy and paste the desired files.


                      Then later:

                      I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. The path where the video clip is stored can't be change on the camera. However, customer input and response is invaluable in the continued support and development of our products. We want you to know that we appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and will forward your message to our support group for review. Should there be any update regarding this matter, it will be posted on the Sony US support website link below.




                      Sony Alpha Email Response Team




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                        Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                        Hi JimKelowna,


                        This issue has been resolved in Lightroom 2015.8/6.8. Please update to our latest release.

                        Refer Lightroom CC 2015.8 now available




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                          tanel vakker

                          I am on 2015.9 on Mac and it does not recognize XAVC S from Sony a5100. They are also in /PRIVATE/M4ROOT/CLIP

                          I am importing from a SD card.

                          When I copy the files to a dir outside the SD card, it will import them.

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                            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                            Hi Tanelvakker,


                            Could you check whether the folder where the files are located isn't read/write protected or is a private folder?




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                              WTLimitless Level 1

                              I am having a similar problem. Just recently started shooting in 4K using a sony a6500 (xavc-s format).  When I tried to use Lightroom to organize my photos and videos, it imported the photos but not the video.  Even when I manually try to import from the correct folder (private/m4root/clip), it still says it can't import the files.  I'd like the videos to be imported into the same file folder structure as the photos (i.e. I would like the photos and videos I took on the same day to be in the same folder).  Can Lightroom do this?