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    Difficulty Changing Credit Card!


      Hi, I'm trying to use my creative cloud membership, but my membership has expired! I am attempting to change the credit card that it charges so that it may charge me again and I can continue using it (My credit card was expired, so I got a new one). However, when I put in all my credit info and press "Save", it does nothing. The entire page stays the same, and there isn't any message saying anything about why I may not be able to save my credit card. Is this a bug? Can I do anything to fix it?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            In all honesty, I don't know how Adobe stays in business?  I have what is a seemingly a very easy fix...a new credit card number.  After 4 days and 3 hours on the phone with 3 different Customer Service people I'm no closer to getting it fixed than I was after my first call.  Our small company has 21 seats of various CC products and when I updated the credit card number online, 19 of the 21 seats transferred and worked just fine.  However, the other 2 seats on the same account for some reason did not update the credit card details.  Seems like an easy fix? WRONG!!! 


            For some reason the software company who makes amazing products can not get their Billing, Service and Support into the 1970's.  The Customer Service people were very friendly but offer zero solutions, very frustrating.  It is so obvious that they read from scripts and are more programed than their software...total robots.  All we want to do is use your products and do our jobs, please make it easier to do that.


            It all started 4 days ago when we noticed the problem, I called the Customer Service team and after nearly an hour of going through various troubleshooting scenarios and being on hold countless times their solution was to update my credit card information on their end.  Sounds reasonable, but then they said it takes "24 hours" for the credit card information to update and you can use the seats after that.  Don't we live in a world where I can get a solution to a credit card number fixed in minutes?  I had a similar credit card update with another software company and it was literally fixed within 3 minutes and pushed live.  After another 20 minutes of talking in circles and no answers I agreed to the 24 hour solution because we had work to do and as long as it was working on Monday we could work-around between then.  Now, four days later (a weekend and photoshoot in the middle) we login to use the accounts and guess what?  The 2 accounts still don't work.  So I call Adobe Customer Service again this morning and after nearly 2 hours on the phone we need to wait another 24 hours to see if it will work again.  It was the same script, no solution, no one knows what is going on or how to fix anything. 


            Adobe...it's a freaken credit card update, get your act together.  If there were a good competitive solution I would have switched today.  If you work at Adobe, you should be embarrassed to know that your hard work on great products is waisted with extremely poor service experience to your support center.  If you read this board or search for this issue, it is obviously a big problem that needs to be addressed and stop talking to your customers in circles.


            Still waiting on a solution...