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    MCL and PreLoader Debacle

      Hello...thanks in advance, especially those (kglad) who have been responding to previous posts of mine regarding this same problem. I'm going out of my mind though with this...basically I have an extremeley tempermental flash movie which plays differently in almost every browser (I'm on a mac, using safari and ff, but I just tested on a pc, and it was the same).

      I can not for the life of me figure this out. I practically copied the code right out of a book I read, and it made sense in there, but it's escaping me out here in the real world. Am I insane for doing it like this? It seems rather easy and simple, and just what I'm looking for. Here's what I want:
      1) create an instance of a movieClipLoader
      2) give that movieClipLoader a listener, launching a preLoader every time that mcl loads
      3) load in external .swf's using that mcl by clicking on buttons...every movie has a stop action on its first frame, but the onLoadComplete of the preLoader instructs it to play again.

      That's about it. Simple eh? Not for me? Could you please take a look at my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

      Here are some issues I'm having in the browser:
      1) First time loading with cleared cache it's loading well!
      2) If I reload the page, none of my dynamic text loads in the preLoader work...also, the preLoader code that changes the size of a progress bar doesn't run, so the preLoader .swf is stuck on frame 1
      3) All three buttons work great the first time, but if I click each of them again, the .swf parks on frame 1 (click the music button to see an example of this.
      4) If I reload the page, sometimes the buttons don't work (most of the time actually), although sometimes they do.

      I've spent a little over a week trying to figure this out...here's a link to my main files...I hope we can get to the bottom of this.