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    how to change JRE plugin classid

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      We find that JRE plugin version 1.5 (aka version 5) doesn't work well with CFGRID. It seems to have less tolerance for displaying full text within a column, e.g. column heading "FK506" displays well with runtime but displays as "FK..." with version 1.5 (when autowidth used - browser IE).

      We'd like to:
      (a) force CFGRID to use JRE plugin if it's available on the client's machine even if they have version 1.5 installed, and
      (b) make available for download if client doesn't have it installed.

      What we've discovered so far:

      When you call <cfform>, CF creates an object in the resulting page like this:

      codebase=" http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3/jinstall-13-win32.cab#Version=1,3,0,0"

      This SUN document explains the codebase and classid attributes:


      This document explains the difference between static and dynamic versioning and what is supposed to happen when the user has a different version of JRE Plugin than specified by the codebase attribute:


      From these documents it seems we can do
      (a) above by changing the Classid to indicate a static version of the runtime(e.g. "clsid:CAFEEFAC-0014-0002-0006-ABCDEFFEDCBA") and
      (b) by changing the codebase to point to an installer on our server.

      We were able to do (b) above ( make available for download if they don't have it installed) by editing the CFFormCodeBaseUrl variable in ..\cfusion\lib\neo-runtime.xml.

      But we can't figure out how to do (a) above, i.e. specify that a particular version of the plugin should be used.

      Does anyone have any idea how to do that? Is it possible?