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    Newly added plugins don't work unless app is deleted and re-uploaded

    Ro4cHii Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      Some days ago I started a new topic because I couldn't get the device plugin to work (see Cannot get cordova-plugin-device to work).

      Since I experimented a lot with the GitHub-repository that I used before actually using my first plugin, I thought that something may have gone wrong and decided to delete and reupload the app - which made the plugin work.


      Now, I tried to add two new plugins (flashlight and device-orientation) which didn't want to work as well.

      Neither Update code → Pull latest nor Rebuild all did the trick. Again, I had to delete and reupload the app to make the plugins work at all.


      Is this behavior normal or is this a bug?

      I simply don't see the benefit in deleting the whole app if I just want to add a plugin.


      Thanks and best regards,