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    Adobe Digital slow and shuts down frequently


      I recently bought an E-book for studies and the Adobe Digital Editions system is driving me crazy.
      The problems are as follows:


      1) it is painfully slow;

      2) it only scrolls one 'notch' at a time, so you it takes about a minute to scroll back up 2 pages and

      3) after having been active on it for approximately 10 minutes, it simply stops working. I then have to force-quit it and my notes and highligts then disappear.


      There is no way I can get through a semester with this.

      What can I do to fix it?

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          9077GT Level 1

          I have the same issue. I am using ADE for legal texts, and the lethargy and unresponsiveness is disturbing. One cannot compare ADE to Acrobat, which I also have installed on the same machine, and which is fine. When publishers of legal texts offer e-versions, and when one pays a relatively considerable sum for these publications, the product ought to work reasonably. I further cannot quite understand why Adobe has not integrated digital rights into Acrobat, instead of creating a whole new platform. It is also rather disturbing that given the economic detriment, unsatisfied customers must resort to public 'forums' for help, despite paying for the publications.