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    Adobe PDF set as default printer for new logons


      Hi there.  We have recently started moving our organisation to Windows 10.  We are a UK University with about 4,500 open-access workstations in regular use by students.  For the majority of students therefore each logon is a new one, so the student gets default settings, The logon script also maps the correct set of accessible network printers, determined by the PC name, and sets one of them to default (also by PC name).


      Since moving to Windows 10 we have found that all new logons to a workstation now get the same default printer, regardless of our logon script (although network printers are still mapped).  We quickly realised that this was due to Windows 10 now managing default printer, so we patched HKEY_CURRENT_USER at logon to disable it (change value of "LegacyDefaultPrinterMode" to 1) and remove the default printer line (beginning "Device" below):


      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]

      "Device"="Microsoft Print to PDF,winspool,Ne01:"




      This worked fine, until we deployed Adobe Creative Clouds 2015, and now "Adobe PDF" is set to default printer for all users, with this line added:


      "Device"="Adobe PDF,winspool,Ne01:"


      However although our REG patch still runs (the "Legacy..." line changes from 0 to 1), something seems to put the "Device" line back, and now all new users are still stuck with "Adobe PDF" as their default printer.  Does anyone know if there is any Adobe process that is running at logon that is setting our default printer for us, and overriding both our logon script and our registry hack?