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      We have generated a trial license key and for creating demo application and to test DSK we have followed the instructions given in http://www.wikitude.com/external/doc/documentation/latest/phonegap/setupguidecordovacli.ht ml however we got some error while “Setup for empty new app” for missing library “lWikitudeSDK-simulator.a” by setting false value to ENABLE_BITCODE also we were getting error for file or directory path, After fixing those issue application build successfully.  After creating empty application we started with your sample application from github but again while executing following command we got connection timeout error  $ ./CreateSampleApp.sh -d ~/Path/Where/The/App/Should/Be/Created -ios true  we got following error  Error: connect ETIMEDOUT     at errnoException (net.js:904:11)     at Object.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:895:19)   later copied the following files * All files from SampleAppResources/css into our www/css directory * All files from SampleAppResources/js into our www/js directory * The entire directory SampleAppResources/jquery into our www/ directory * The entire directory SampleAppResources/world into our www/ directory * Copied index.html from SampleAppResources/ into our www/ directory (overwrite)
  After that we re-build the application and tried to run but unfortunately when we are tapping on buttons nothing happening (no javascript call, no error in log)

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          Although I don't have a direct answer to your question (no experience with ARview), I noticed in the docs:


          Note The guide is based on Cordova version 5.0.0 (using PhoneGap-iOS 3.8.0 and PhoneGap-Android 4.0.0)


          Cordova 5.0.0 is quite old, meanwhile. Lots have changed with 6.x.

          What Phonegap version are you using?