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    Gradient fills not easily expanded.


      I want to complain about a change in the behaviour of ink dropped gradient fills in the latest edition of Animate.


      Historically, you could use the ink dropper to grab an existing fill and then paint bucket it into another shape. this meant you could do a new drawing and then fill it with the same gradient you had used before.


      this is no longer the case. If you ink drop a fill it now reverts to the zero-zero point on the stage rather than matching the existing fill.


      I believe this to be a bug in the new version as the dropper tool has always worked the other way.


      I hope you can fix this as it is causing me no end of headaches.


      here is a video of the problem.


      Dropbox - gradientFillBehaviors.mov


      Please will you reply to this message, especially letting me know if you are able to watch the video of the problem as the last time I posted this way it was subsequently ignored.