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    How to resolve multiple variable names


      How do you resolve references to variables on multiple screens - i.e

      I have multiple variables on multiple screens and I want to use a for loop to access the variable names as well as the screen names.

      e.g. 5 screens ... Screen1 thru Screen5... variables on each screen Screen(n)_1 thru Screen(n)_5

      So I want to resolve the screen name _root["Screen"+i], but then I want to resolve the variable within that screen name. How do you do that? _root["Screen"+i][/var/] ? , _root[["Screen"+i][/var/]]. _root["Screen"+i+"."+[/var/]]??

      I've tried allsorts of syntax, but can't seem to resolve an evaluated variable name within an evaluated ScreenName.

      Any help would be appreciated.