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    Default page numbering Indesign


      I am creating a document in Indesign, where I want the second page to start with the number "1." I already know how to do this manually, but I will be using this document over and over again, only changing the content by shuffling the masters. How do I display the page number "1" on the second page automatically every time. I wish to make this a default paging every time i use this document.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          By default, only right-hand pages can be odd numbered.

          Right-clicking on the tiny trailing above the page in the pages pallet will allow you to change page 3 to page 1. You will need to also make a change on the old page one, (you can make it roman numerals, or a few other choices) to prevent there being two Page 1s in your file.

          Screenshot 2016-09-16 12.56.48.png