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    Save profiles

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      When I create a Publish Profile it isn't saved. So the next time I start or open a document all I see is the Default profile. I can of course export the profile and import it when I start a new/old document. But profiles aren't supposed to be saved when created?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          This is a very old post, and things have probably changed. But just in case it provides you with insights.


          Setting publish settings as default

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            jiggy1965 Level 1

            I do however not wish to overwrite the default profile. Where it now says 'Default' under Profiles I wish to add a few which stay available when I open a document of start a new one. So:


            Choose Profile:

            > Default

            > MyProfile 1

            > Adwords Profile

            > Yet another profile


            I now have to first export each profile and when I open or start a document have to import the one I wish to use. I much rather just like to select one of my profiles I previously created

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              I am happy to be corrected, but I don't think this feature is available in Animate. The feature is as designed.

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                eeroleppanen Level 1



                could this feature that jiggy1965 is asking be added to the Animate wish list. I think it makes no sense to be able to use profiles only per project. Let's say I'm making twenty display ads with the same publish settings, I'd be happy to set up a profile for this, not modify files by hand.


                br, eero

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                  Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee


                  You should already be able to do this easily.

                  1. Create a new file, set the desired profile settings for your projects.

                  2. Go to File menu > Save As Template. Give the appropriate name and category.

                  Now, for every new project, you can use this as a starting point with your custom settings already set.

                  3. Go to File > New .. and choose Template tab to pick the template you saved before.

                  In general, Publish profile is a File/Project specific feature and you can additionally export/import the publish settings across projects.


                  There is also a JSFL command to export and import a publish profile, should you need to apply a batch operation on a number of files.

                       fl.getDocumentDOM().exportPublishProfile(fileURI : string);

                       fl.getDocumentDOM().importPublishProfile(fileURI : string);

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                    eeroleppanen Level 1

                    Sounds promising, I will look into this. Thanks Nipun!

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                      eeroleppanen Level 1

                      Tested this and it seems to do the trick, thanks again!


                      br, eero