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    LR6.61, Windows 10: SyncFolder=630photos, During import/Sync LR says "No photos or videos were found to import"

    Raffisys Level 1

      I did search a number of threads with posts of issues something like this, with multiple answer replies. None that LR was at first seeing that it needs to import the images, and then erroring that there are "No images or videos found to import". So I started this thread.


      This is the problem, and hope I can explain it......


      In the folders of LR where my images all are in date format, I go to my folders on the external drives , And in LR the folder says either 0 for number of images.

      I have created subfolders with derivative files in JPEG and it DOES see this. It also sees some of the RAW (CR2) files in some of the folders, but most are not there.


      When in LR and I rightClick to "Show in Explorer" it also doesn't show the files, and thats why I thought it was a permissions issue, but, the drive is not restricted as far as I can tell.  When I use File Explorer outside of LR all my files are there.


      So I checked the permissions on the drive, and I even gave full control to the Users group. Admin has full, and my log in as Admin has full.

      I don't know exactly where my AppData files are to make sure that is all open permissions


      I had to upgrade drives for space, and needed to move a lot of my images, and so I reassigned the folder locations and such. I admit I have a lot of files, but now they are not importing.