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    Looking for shockwave coder

      Hello, I am currently working on a project for a site, opsgear.com. I am making a program for them that takes the base paintball gun for all their mods, and allows the user to add whatever mods they want on there. It will be a pretty complex program, because some parts will have to be able to slide along rails, some parts aren't compatible with other, and some parts, like scopes, attach on parts at different heights. It will be a lot of work. Knowledge of weapons would be nice, but not necessary. Here is the thread that shows all the models, http://opszone.invisionzone.com/ind...44&hl=converter. I have already made a deal with them. I had a coder that was willing to help, but he dopped out. Here is how I would like the program to work. It is step by step, you start out with the tippmann a5. Then you hit next, and it goes to stocks, and you pick a stock, then you hit next, and it goes to handguards, and you pick a handguard, and so on. When you have picked all your parts it generates the model with all the parts you have picked on it. Like I said almost all the models are done, so you have plenty to work with. You can contact me at cole_bie@hotmail.com.