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    Chemical Markup Language




      Anyone please confirm whether we can load 'Chemical Markup Language - CML' files directly into InDesign?




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          ArcRaj Level 1

          Thanks Jongware, but we need to generate equations from this coding, hope InDesign is not even support MathML, not sure to build chemical structures from CML, could you please confirm on this

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            Well of course you were going to ask that next ...


            The answer is "not out of the box". I'm pretty sure that if it could, Adobe would have mentioned this as being a key feature.


            There is a vast – no, make that a huge – difference between 'importing XML' and 'rendering XML the way I want to actually see it'. For example, "SVG is an XML file format ∴ you can import it into InDesign ∴ InDesign can render SVG as images" – wrong. In this, your CML is not different from MathML (and from any other XML data format).


            Note I said "not out of the box" instead of a plain "No you cannot" because a lot can be done with Scripting. It's imaginable one could write a script that reads your CML and then does something to make something else appear in your InDesign document, the way you want it to appear. (Don't ask on the Scripting forum, as it would be a *huge* task and you'd be better off hiring someone for that.)